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December 30, 2012
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Hey guys it's me!~ (Running out of what to say...)

Anyways, here it is. Oh and btw, I'm open for requests so if you want, don't hesitate. I've got time. Actually, not that much. It's almost time to go to school. (3 days after new year, oh god)

R=L Okay?

Well, please excuse the grammar/spelling errors and enjoy!~


Japan x Reader - Can I hug you?~

Third Person POV all the way!

You rang the doorbell of your Asian friend, Kiku. He's been your best friends ever since primary school. (Heck you were the ONLY friend he had back in primary school. The rest of them were racists...) You wanted to come by Kiku's house because, well, you were bored and you thought it would be fun to invade his personal space! Then, he opened the door.

"Oh, Herro _____-san. What bring you here?" He said calmly.

"Hey Kiku! I was just stopping by because I was bored and I needed someone to talk to. Well, if you don't mind that is."
You replied.

He opened the door wide so you could come in. "Sure, come in."

"Thanks Kiku."

He escorted you on a chair and you sat down.

"Wourd you rike something to drink, _____-san?"

"Oh, sure. Thanks Kiku."


The two of you chatted away and what not. It was a really nice time, especially since you were hanging out with Kiku. Well, let's say that you guys talked for a long time. It was getting dark now, about maybe... 6:00 pm. You took a glance at Kiku and asked him,

"Hey Kiku, do you have some cool Japanese horror games we could play?" He look started by that question.

"W-what?! Don't you think thats a scary? It's dark _____-san."

"Come on! Pleeeeeease. I'm not like Alfred, I can handle it." You gave the best puppy dog eyes.

"Werr... There is this Japanese game that's not so scary."



"I have an Engrish version of it so that you courd understand it..." said Kiku as he was faced with his monitor screen. You looked at it and saw the title.

"Hey Kiku, what's Ao Oni?[1]"

"It's a Japanese game that scares you. It invorves this purple monster that chases you."

"Sounds interesting!"

Kiku nodded and you got another chair so that the both of you can see it.

"Aw.. The graphics aren't that good." You pouted. Kiku let out a small laugh.

"You'rr see ____-san..."


Finally, after the scream sessions of both of you, well, mostly you. That game was finally finished.

"____-san, the game's finished..." Kiku said.

You were currently in your little emo corner crying. Apparently, you told Kiku to finish the game for you. He came to you and put a comforting arm on your shoulder.


"GYAAAAA!! NO NO NO!! No more. Oh God...... GOD." You were a bit startled at that. Kiku sighed and said

"See? I tord you it was scary. You acted rike Arfred at that point too."

"I-i d-didn't expect that random shit would happen..."

"Of course..."

Silence filled the air. You were still in your emo corner and Kiku was there comforting you.

"Hey Kiku..." You said calmly.


"Can you please hug me?"


"Please!" You continued to plead.

"_-_____-san, that's a rittre- o-okay..."

You felt Kiku's arms wrapped around you. Without thinking, you buried your face in his chest as you continued to cry. He felt a bit uncomfortable by your sudden actions but then he decided to savor the moment. Once he pulled away, you kissed him on the lips. Yeah, that's right. ON THE SPOT. His eyes widened and his face was red. Then, you pulled away.

"_-____! That's completely unexpected!" He said still blushing madly.

"So... does that mean I can invade your personal space now?" You asked.

"Werr, since you kissed me arready, I g-guess you may, but not in pubric."

"Does that mean I'm your girlfriend?" Yup, you were enjoying every single moment of his embarrassment.

"Werr, if you want to..."

"Yay!" You pulled him in for another kiss.


The World Meeting, every country was there. EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY. Including you. (Yup! You're a country!) Everyone was there but somehow, it didn't start yet. And suddenly, a sick plan came in your mind. You were seated next to your boyfriend, nobody knows the relationship yet because of Kiku.

"Hey everyone!" You called the attention of everybody.

"Guess what I'm about to do!"

You glomped the Japanese seated next to you and gave him a kiss on the lips. Causing the room to be filled with cheers and gasps. Kiku on the other hand, was now blushing really madly.

"WOOOO! Kiku has a girlfriend!" they cheered.


The World meeting was finally done and you were talking to Kiku, about what you did back there.

"____-san! I tord you not it pubric!"

"Aw~ But you love me anyway, right?~"

He blushed at that but replied

"Of course I do..."

"Just don't do that again..."

It's ME! Terra-chan is so happy! (I should be really working on that series...)

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed all that!

Preview pic doesn't belong to me.

[1] - Ao Oni is a Japanese horror game and I played it. GUESS WHAT? IT GAVE ME A MINI HEART ATTACK!


Story (c) :iconterrahilgard:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconjapanposeplz:
Ao Oni (c) some dude
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prussiafangirl88 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
THAT ENDING *explodes of fluffiness*
prussiafangirl88 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
THAT ENDING *explodes of fluffiness*
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