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May 11, 2013
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Germany x Child!Reader - I Run More Laps!

Hullo everyone, just getting rid of my writers block so I could carry on c:

I thought of this while I was reading a fan fiction XD. The link to her page is in the description, you should watch her c:

I hate grammar/spelling errors, if you find one then please tell me.



You felt someone poke your cheek. You groaned and turned around in your bed but the poking won't stop and it doesn't look tired from poking your sleeping form.

"5 more minutes..." you groaned out.

Then he started to nudge you and whimpered. You sat up and rubbed your eyes cutely. You saw your uncle Italy by your bed and your heard your daddy's, Germany, footsteps go upstairs.

"Ve... _____ can I please hide under your bed?" Italy freaked out.

You nodded and soon, Italy started crawling under your bed while you just stared at him. You saw your dad came in the room with an annoyed look on his face, which quickly changed once he saw you awake. You smiled and leaped out of your covers and ran to him.

"Vatti!" you hugged him.

"Guten Morgen Vater." you added. He bent over to your size and hugged you back. He said good morning in German.

"Have you seen your uncle, _____?" he asked you.

"No vatti. I haven't." you giggled. He raised a brow at you.

"Oh really?" you kept nodding and giggling.

"I don't see him anywhere! Especially not under my bed!" you were too little to keep secrets... Germany went over to your bed and lifted it with one arm, revealing Italy.

"Ve! S-sorry Germany! I'll be going now!" with that he ran quickly before Germany could catch him.

"Verdammt! Come back here Italy!" he ran to catch him.

Once they were gone, you quickly looked confused. 'Was ist 'verdammt'?'

[Author's note: If you google translate that is says 'What is doomed' just ignore that because I mean't to say 'What is 'dammit']

You ran downstairs and to the back yard and saw your daddy, uncle Italy and uncle Japan, running laps again. You've always felt fascinated by running. You thought it was some kind of 'leg magic' (lol adventure time reference). You stared at them when suddenly, Germany caught your attention. He sighed and took one good look at italy, making sure he wont run off again, and went towards you.

"Vatti, I wan't to run too!" you clapped your hands.

"Nein _____, you are too young to run laps."

"But vatti! You said that the earlier you start the better you become!"

"Well, I did say that but-"

"No vatti! I want to run!" you pulled out your best puppy dog eyes at the German.

"Sure _____. After we eat lunch."


Germany and you called Italy and Japan back to the house so all of you can wait in the living room to cool off while you helped Germany cook breakfast.

"Vatti, what will we cook today?"

"The usual _____."



You sneaked behind the sofa where Italy and Japan sat down. You snickered silently before jumping behind the sofa and yelled,

"Lunch is ready!"

You felt Japan tensed a little and Italy gave out a small scream, he was probably taking a siesta. You laughed at victory and headed to the table. Soon, all of you sat down and began eating.

"Vatti?" you asked while you were chewing one of your wurst.

"Yes _____?" you swallowed and drank some orange juice.

"What's verdammt?"

The whole room tensed.

"_-_____! Where did you learn that?" he stuttered.

"From you Vatti! When you went out of my room!" you said quite proud of yourself. He laughed awkwardly.

"Oh um.. You shouldn't use that word _____."

"Why not?" you pouted.

"Because it's bad."

"Oh, okay then."


This time, you were excited. You have already ate your lunch and you wore some work out clothes for training, at least that's what Germany would call it. Once everything was set, you and the others began to run.

Time skip

Germany looked over from the porch to see you still running. Italy was passed out and Japan was looking at you from a distance you. Only a few beads of sweat made it down your forehead but still, you kept a smile on your face.

"Germany-san, _____'s been doing this for more that 3 hours. Should we stop her?"

"Nein, I don't think she'll be happy about that."

Then Italy stepped out the backyard porch after his siesta.

"Hello Germany, Japa- SHE'S STILL RUNNING??!!!" he looked amazed. The two simply nodded.

After a while, you began to get tired and you went over to Germany, Italy and Japan with a big smile on your face. Germany gave you some orange juice.

"I ran more laps than you!" they chuckled.

"You sure have _____."

The end.
There is some German swear words here.

This is just so I could get rid of writers block c:

Oh lol, I add this now c: --->


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If you want to stay tune, watch me~


Story (c) :iconterrahilgard:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

You (c) :iconyaygermanyplz:
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I am sanic fast cummon step it up [ICON] Sanic  Gotta go fast
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pssh. i wish i could run that long.
LilWolfQT Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
Let's just get one thing straight here, I just wanted to run more laps than Italy or Japan so I could brag  Hetalia Spinning America HAHAHA HA Icon 
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Hehehe suckas I'd be better at running while retreating than Italy, and that's saying something!
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DAMN READER-CHAN YOU ARE FIT! YOU CAN BREAK THE FREAKING WII FITNESS AVATAR! I can only run a mile and then completely fall to the ground complaining that I don't have water in my hands
FrancisBonnefoyXxX Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014
like this ^^ and i mustn't use google transelater because i'm german >: D I'm so badass
XxHetalianAtHeartxX Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Holy shiat....I am a minnie Germany XD 
because one time in my gym class we were supposed to run 30 laps and my friend and I did 40. And some others girls (ya know like the girls who don't like to sweat and stuff?) didn't run 30, they did like half (that's what the coach said) so the coach made us run 30 more laps and my friend and I did like 70 laps. (VICTORY!!! XD) so close to 100! :3

btw great story :3
elyanaxlevilove Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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I feel so amazing like actually did this, but I know I'm just lazy irl with unatural metabolism from my asian side so no one suspects a thing! MUHAHAHAHA!
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