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Guide to writing FAN FICTIONS (Hetalia Reader Inserts)

Okay before I start, please be reminded that this is my opinion that makes a good fan fiction. I've seen countless of then for 2 years now and I want to share.

:bulletred: Any questions, write so in the comments.
:bulletred: Any suggestions, please tell me so.
:bulletred: Warning, this is a really long one and I refuse to split it into two.

Okay, so you want to make a fan fiction that is appealing, interesting, and full of story. Well just because you have fun ideas, doesn't mean you shouldn't bother to know how to write one. Writing fan fictions requires patience, imagination, creativity, a setting, and most importantly, a plot.

The plot is basically everything that the story is about.

Character OOC (Out of Character)

Before I start off about how to make a good fan fic, you first must know the personalities of each and every character of Hetalia. Imagine England as a loud, obnoxious, burger eating idiot. Doesn't sound like him right?

Now because I am such a nice person, I shall tell you the personalities of a few characters I know well...

:bulletorange: America :bulletorange:

-A loud, obnoxious, burger eating idiot. He likes to mess around with people and very much likes to go to Mc Donalds. He also likes superheroes like Captain America, Superman, Batman, etc.

-2p America is always has that bat with him. Instead of glasses, he wears dark shades. His hair is reddish brown and he has a missing tooth. Also, despite the fact that he likes killing people, he is incredibly smart. I am serious.

:bulletorange: England :bulletorange:

-A gentleman. He likes reading books and he does magic. He likes to cook but he sucks at it. He acts positive that his cooking is the best. He likes to disagree with almost everything and he swears.

-2p England is a psychotic murderer. (I love that cute bowtie so much XD) He likes cupcakes and he bakes nice. He likes dresses too. Be warned too, he doesn't take swears too much. He ends up crying.

So um, for the rest of the characters just Google it.

Writing 'Crack Fictions'

Now I've seen some fan fictions that people like to call 'crack fictions'. A 'crack fiction' is a story that involves random thoughts like ponies, unicorns, a dude with a spaghetti on his head. Yes, it's very much hilarious if you know exactly what you are doing. If you don't, I don't think other people would find it as 'funny'.

An example of a crack fic is this:

He sang a song, then rode on a unicorn in the rainbows.

Just remember, crack fictions contains more speech than sentences. And the sentences are written like this:

You opened the door...

And saw England twerking with dat sexy apron of his.

:bulletblack: An incorrect way of writing a 'crack fiction' is this: :bulletblack:

[insert a really long paragraph in here.]

Basically, if you write it like that, most of your 'reader-chans' will lose interest in reading it. They came for crack and you gave them a paragraph. Please, if you must write a paragraph, cut it.

Also, detail is pretty good! But be sure to balance it with the dialogues! (suggested by Woodskin)


What is a so called lemon: A lemon is what the people here in DeviantArt like to call 'written smut', 'written sex', 'written pornography'.

I can guarantee you, two years ago when I didn't have a Deviantart account, I was already looking at fan fictions and came across Lemons. Of course, no account = cant view anything. So I was thinking to myself what is a lemon.

I searched it online and boom.

Now this is the important part of writing lemons.


I am absolutely sick of this.

:bulletorange: The reader or the character that has been 'groped','touched in certain areas','kissed against their will' is considered as sexual harassment.


Because for females, the breasts are considered as sensitive parts and are to be treated with respect. If you write lemons, and fics that contains sexual harassment, please take note that you are a woman and women like you are supposed to be treated nicely.

If someone groped you, would you 'blush' or feel 'flattered'?

Of course not. No one wants to be treated as badly as that.

And do take note that only a few people who writes 'lemons' are trained and that they know what they're doing... do you?

[A.N: Do take note that I am not offending you. If you have suggestions, questions, either write it in the comments, on my profile, or send me a note.]

Now then, as for the men.

A man's private part is supposed to be treated with respect as well including that man himself. Of course, if you show a dude a lemon he wouldn't like it.

As for bullying. Now, bullying in written for CAN affect a person's thoughts. Because, like me, all of you had also been a victim of bullying before. Now for example, you are reading a story which involves the character and not the reader to be considered as a bully.

The author would probably write swear words.

Swear words can also hurt the person reading. (that's why there's mature content)

Now as for the readers, you can read these kinds of stories IF they have little/none effects on you and if you can handle swear words then you should just take some caution in reading these too.


Death is not a laughing matter but yes, it is allowed to write some deaths here because the reader would feel your pain in writing this, making it passionate. And besides, if the readers cry it means they really loved it. Also, put your feelings when writing these kinds of stories. You'll tend to write a lot and speak your heart out.

Now the bad part about this.

Writing stories of death can be very depressing and it often gets the reader depressed too for example a CountryxDead!Reader or a Dead!CountryxReader. Now, not all the readers like these kinds of stories so just be sure to put a warning before you start a story for example:

Hey guys! Just want you to know that this could be depressing so be prepared.

or you can write it where it actually happens:

Okay guys, this is the part when bad things happen so if you don't read this it's fine, it wont affect anything.

Those are examples on how to write a good warning on sensitive stories.

Fluff Stories

Okay, you've probably heard of this before and you've probably read one of these as well. These are the most commonly written stories because it boosts a person's good day when they're imaginating their favorite country giving them flowers in a very romantic and cheesy date. Yes, Fluff stories are nice.

So fluff stories are the 'cute, romantic' types of stories.

A great example of a fluff involves children. For example: One of my fan fictions <--- that is a link.

Done reading it? Cute right? Boosts your happiness meter thingy XD

Well now back to topic. So anyways, a fluff can also be about teenage love. For example: My fic with the most comments <--- that is also a link.

Well now there are some reminders I'd like you to know about writing this. The dialogues and story line are even. But for my case, I like a little more dialogues.

Fantasy Stories

For example, you wrote a story about dragons, princesses & princes, etc. It goes to the Fantasy type of stories. Witches, Wizards, Ghosts belongs to that too and also the Neko, Naga or whatever animals.

For these types of stories, it'll be hard to not make it sound cliche.

:bulletred: Witches and Wizards :bulletred:

Stories about magic is stereotypically about spells, flying on brooms, making potions using cauldrons, reading magic books etc. Most of the fan fictions that includes a reader has, of course, romance. Romance is equals to the higher chance of people writing about 'Love Potions' which is cool and all but..

Here's a good example of a non-cliche wizard/witch based story:

England debated whether or not he should continue with his spell, if his beloved do not return his feelings then the potion shall work. But did he really want this? Did he really wanted to force love in someone who doesn't return it?

There you go. It's like cooking. Do you really want to add blueberries to a strawberry pancake? or something like that. The caster of the spell must think, debate, react. That means that they shouldn't rush in to it because 'I want to make a potion because I said so.'

Please, if you must make a story with 'love potions'/'love spells', please don't make it sound as bad as this:

England mixed the potion into his batter of scones. He was going to give it to (your name) because he was (insert good reason here).

It sounds a little immature. But all of the stories I've read that has that are all a-okay to me so don't worry~ :)

:bulletred: Princesses and Princes :bulletred:

Princesses and Princes are to be considered as a fantasy story too. If you need a little help figuring out what princesses do, please click this link which will lead you to a song: Barbie - To be a Princess

Yes, I know, it's Barbie. But, this is the most accurate description of being a princess. Basically, in the 16th centuries (I think), princesses ALWAYS follow orders. They don't go anywhere without body guards and they must behave in the most appropriate and strictest manner.

For princes, they are described more as strong, smart, etc. They can be allowed to roam around the castle grounds and stuff. And they are to act as complete gentlemen to princesses. (That's because the king and queen of that kingdom wants the prince to marry that princess) So arranged marriages is what happens back then.

Spacing & Double Checking

Okay. So now you have a fan fiction and you want to submit it for the world to see. So in the submission page, there's 'Enter text' am I right? So type your story or copy paste it there.

You have to double check and read it. READ IT AGAIN. It may have some parts for example you wrote:

"I am better that you!"

That is a word which means it wont have a red underline under it. But you were supposed to write it as than.

AND if you are done, there's a 'Show Preview' button. You can click that to see the output of your story so it's very important to check that too.

:bulletblack: Never submit a deviation without double checking it. :bulletblack:

For example you are writing a story at 3:00 am and you are very sleepy and you just want to get over it so you aren't double checking for errors.


The effects of not double checking are:

:bulletblack: The story might contain such spelling errors such as 'leik' or 'caek'.
:bulletblack: It is unpleasant to the reader if you said that it was 3 am and you didn't give your best effort on it.

So now the spacing. This is important. For example your dialogues are like this:

"Hi (reader name)!"
"Hey! How are you? Nice to see you!"
You said as you waved your hand at your life long crush.


Doesn't look so good right? Well here's a pleasant way to write it:

"Hi (reader name)!" America said, coming towards you.

"Hey! How are you? Nice to see you!" You said as you waved your hand at your life long crush. *kiramaru7 has proven my last dialogue to be wrong. Thanks for the suggestion!

That looks so much better right? Maintaining spaces makes it cleaner and easier to read. Plus, most of the writers write that way and it looks appealing to the eye.

TITLES and Preview Pictures

Okay here's what really gets the attention of people. Titles. For example you have a fan fic with a tomboyish reader:

England x Tomboy!Reader or England x Reader - Just a little bit boyish or The Bookworm and The Tomboy

All three are good examples of a title.

But here's the problem. I've seen fan fictions who's titles are:

Half Neko!Reader or Half whatever or Naga...

Don't you think that's a little too weird/going too far?

Anyways, if there's only one character type it's

e.g: England x Bookworm!Reader / Bookworm!England x Reader

For two

e.g: England x Reader - Not a Nerd!
or: England x Bookworm!Nerd!Reader

That way, you know what your readers are about to be reading ;) (thanks to Slerian for suggesting this ;) )
For three-more

e.g: Reading Books
not England x Bookworm!Nerd!Sister!Reader

Take note that your preview picture must be the character.  And write the title you want in the start of the story.

e.g: Reading Books - A England x Reader fanfiction.

:bulletred: Pictures :bulletred:

So here, the other part of getting attention is the preview picture. You must find one that looks interesting and is about the story. If you can't find one, then look for the closest one. (I learned that the hard way)

Also, you should always attach a link for the picture! Some would think that you are totally stealing their artwork! (suggested again by Slerian ;) )

Now some people have problems here. About works of art with 'copyright issues'. Now if you want to play it safe, Shihagami suggests that you don't attach a preview picture at all. (thanks for that suggestion)


For example, you wrote a story with a plot that involves swear words. There will always be a text that says 'Does it contain Mature Content?' and it will give you lists.

:bulletred: Fics with swear words goes to Strong Language :bulletred:
:bulletred: Fics with written nudity goes to Nudity :bulletred:
:bulletred: Fics that involves killing, blood, psychotic murderers goes to Violence/Gore:bulletred:
:bulletred: Lemons goes to Nudity and Sexual Themes :bulletred:
:bulletred: Fics that could be a sensitive topic to other people like Christianity, Nazis, Jews etc. (but seriously, it's very rude if you make a topic about this) goes to Ideologically Sensitive :bulletred:

This is very important. If you leave a 'lemon' without a warning then it will probably get deleted so please, put it in Nudity and Sexual Themes.

Take note that if this is only in written form then you don't have to encircle the Strict.
That one is commonly used for drawings, or pictures, but it doesn't really affect written forms.

Putting it in the right category

Selecting a category on which a deviation belongs is important because people can filter it from other literature works.

For Romance: Fan Art > Fan Fiction > Romance
For Comedy: Fan Art > Fan Fiction > Humor
For General (such as fairy tales like princesses and stuff): Fan Art > Fan Fiction > General Fiction
For Erotic: Literature > Prose > Romance > Erotic > (either Flash Fiction & Vignettes,
Introductions & Chapters, Short Stories)

As for the keywords, it's not really important.

Submission to Groups

Now then! You have finished a story and is already posted. Be reminded that even if that piece of literature is good and you worked so hard on it, it wont matter. Because other people wont see it, therefore you will not be recognized as a good author.

Submission to groups is important if you want people to notice your artworks.

Simply click on the +Submit to a group under the Featured in Groups that's in the right side of your screen.

Abide with the rules of that group. Some groups, you have to be a member first before you can put your artworks in it.

And of course, groups have folders to put your artworks.

England x Reader goes in the England reader inserts folder and so on and so forth.

And that is all. Um wow I wrote a lot of stuff... my fingers hurt so bad XD. Anyways, I'll attach useful links just for you :). And um, any questions just ask. DONT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK YOUR MIND!!!~ :D
:bulletorange: WARNING: Don't read if you think of this as offensive or you get insulted easily. This is a free choice and I am glad to be one of those people to step up to the truth.

Phew~ This took me way longer than I expected. Anyways here are the helpful information you need. And here is the list of the links that are within the walls of DeviantArt you might want to read as well:

- MakingFunOfStuff's The Problem With Self Inserts
- MakingFunOfStuff's How Not to Tell a Story
- MakingFunOfStuff's Is she Mary Sue
:new:- Berna-EH's Writing With Russia
Now here's the links to other pages outside of DeviantArt:

- Wikihow: Writing a Good Story
- Wikipedia: Effects and Aftermath of Rape
- Stopbullying: Effects of Bullying


Now, some of you has a few questions, I know that. Please don't be shy to tell me in the comments. Or, if you are a little bit shy, let's have a heart-to-heart talk in the notes. Please, I am not a bad person.

About suggestions or errors in my work. If you encounter a spelling error or something you think that's incorrect, please tell me so! Don't keep it bottled up inside.

About the hate mail. Please, I wrote a warning in this. If you cant even understand warnings then please don't read. Some of you like to pick fights. If you have a problem, do tell so in the comments or note me.

Link to the cover photo (without the text):
all my respect goes to the creator of that :)


Leave a comment before you favorite~

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya-san.

This guide belongs to your's truly.
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Though I agree Crack shouldn't have it, I think detailing is one of the most important parts or a fan-fic, so onsidering it useless its.... kind of strange for me. I love to write detail, though you must balance it quite well with dialogues in order to keep the audience interested.

My suggestion: When you talk about the depresssing parts, by NO MEANS put a warning in the middle of the story, it just is annoying. I agree you must want or must put a sign that the fic is depressing, just not in the middle of the story. It cuts directly with the mood seeing the author appear from nowhere to give you a warning, and personally, as a writer who likes to write depressing stories myself, it ruins everything.

Another good advice on my part is that you shuld never, EVER, EVER put author notes on the middle. If you nide to make something more clear, you should put an "*" or a little number and make clear what you wanted to say or any historical fact AFTER you finished with your story.

Also, emoticons. Another thing that is a "nono" and MUST be avoided in my opinion.

And that's why I've learnt from my experience.
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There's one thing I'd like to bring to your attention though, namely the preview pictures. See, I used to use them for my fics, but I got reported several times despite the fact that I'd added the link as to where I'd found it.

My advice for the preview pictures is that, as much as they make your fic look better, you just shouldn't do it. You get a lot less hassled with the copyright issues and all that.

Other than that, I really thought this was great :)
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Just one thing, I write a lot & your dialogue is written wrong.

"Hi (reader name)!"

"Hey! How are you? Nice to see you!"

You said as you waved your hand at your life long crush.

If that's the same person talking it'd be written like this:

"Hi (reader name)!Hey! How are you? Nice to see you!" you said as you waved your hand at your life long crush.
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